Income Taxes- File Your 2012 Return Now!!!

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If you’re expecting a refund on your 2012 income taxes, do you realize that you are providing the government with an interest free loan? Don’t delay. Get your 2012 personal income taxes filed now. Even if you don’t have all your slips, we can get the process started and in most cases get your return filed correctly without all your slips.

By using a Chartered Accountant, you are dealing with a tax professional with extensive training in personal income taxes. We also offer Efile services. We are a CRA authorized E-Filer. When a tax return is filed electronically, you can normally expect a refund in less than two weeks.

Contact Chris Alexander, CA-CBV today for help preparing your 2012 personal income tax return. Email: or 905-334-6674. Don’t delay any longer! In most cases your return is due April 30, 2013.

For more information about your 2012 personal income taxes, visit Canada Revenue Agency’s Website.