Litigation Support

Litigation Support Services for Oakville, Mississauga & GTA

A financial expert is commonly called during the litigation process when financial matters are involved. Our team of Chartered Business Valuators offer services to both law firms and individual clients.

When might one need Litigation Support services?

There are several scenarios that might require or benefit from the the assistance of a professional Chartered Valuator including if:

  • You or your client are currently involved in litigation that has resulted in financial damages or lost profits
  • You have a corporate client or a commercial dispute that requires an expert in business valuation or the quantification of economic damages
  • You or your client are involved in an estate dispute that requires an financial investigation
  • You require assistance with submitted a claim for an insurance loss or business interruption claim

Our litigation support services focus on the quantification of economic damages, forensic accounting and providing expert testimony in court for lawyers and their clients in matters involving:

  • Business losses such as breach of contract, expropriation, product liability, etc.
  • Personal injuries such as motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall incidents and wrongful death.

Some of the litigation support services that we provide in Ontario are as follows:

  • Identifying various heads of damage
  • Providing an overview of the case from a business and accounting perspective
  • Identifying financial and accounting information needed to quantify damages
  • Preparing relevant lines of questions during Examinations for discovery
  • Presenting information and analysis in a concise and clear manner that can be easily understood in the courtroom
  • Identify and advise on key areas of disagreement and discrepancy
  • Prepare a critique of another expert’s report
  • Prepare a line of questioning for cross examination of an opposing expert

If you or your client requires some level of litigation support, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your situation.

Meet Christopher Alexander, Principal Valuator

Chris Alexander | Principal Chartered Valuator and AccountantChristopher is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Business Valuator. Over the course or his career, he has provided Business Valuation, Litigation Support and Family Law Support services to many businesses and individuals in the Greater Toronto Area.

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